Publisher: 999games | Illustrations: Julia Körner | Ages: 8-99 | Players: 2-5 | Playing time: 20 min.

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As a famous conductor, you are constantly on the lookout for talent. However, you have strong preferences as to the size of your orchestra. You want to conduct soloists or quartets exclusively. In this game, you therefore try to find the right musicians. Can you organise the optimal concert? 

Game rules

In Audition, you collect cards depicting musicians. The ‘value’ on each card does not indicate a point value, but how many of those cards are in the game. Each round, there are a number of conductors on the table (as many as there are players).

On your turn, you choose to either take 1 card from the draw pile and place it with a conductor of your choice, or take a conductor including all the cards lying there and place the cards sorted by type of musician in front of you. Eventually, each player will have to bring in a conductor each round, and the longer you wait, the less choice you have. Whoever has soloists in front of him at the end of the game (1 card of a certain type of musicians) or quartets (4 cards of a certain type of musicians), gets points for it. But… if you only have 2 of a specific type, or 3, or 5 or more, those musicians will earn you 0 points… 

For more of a challenge, the box also contains 6 special conductor cards.