Discrimination Hotline Game Authors

Discrimination Hotline Game Authors

Why is there a book section in the paper, and an economics section, a sports section? And not a games section?!

Why is the Libris Literature Prize awarded to the author of the winning book, and the Toy of the Year award to the publisher of the game? And when is the annual Games Prom anyway? Oh, no, there isn’t one!

Why are there campaigns against decline in reading, but no one cares about decline in game playing?

Why do people demonstrate for the climate, but no one bothers to occupy even the smallest back alley, out of dissatisfaction with the gigantic game author discrimination?    

At the Discrimination Hotline Game Authors, you can report all these abuses right now. Is the Linda magazine filled again, but without a single interview about a game author’s feelings? Report it to us!

Are you enjoying watching television, and see that the late show is again filled with folk singers who are allowed to express their opinions on matters they know absolutely nothing about, but no game author being asked anything? Call us!

Are you struggling through the gigantic weekend newspaper, and getting despondent with the feeling that you’ll never be able to read all those books from the book supplement in one week, because you’d actually rather play a game anyway, but you don’t know which ones… and they’re not in the paper?! Mail us!

Do you see an announcement of a new television program for Famous Dutchmen in the C category (Stars Jumping in the Splash, or Bend your Banana – VIPS), but there’s a big gaping game author gap in the lineup? App us this omission!

We’ll be happy to assist you. You may complain, cry, scream … we will face you with patience and understanding, and support you in your outrage. Our counselor is there for you! Anonymously if necessary.

Examples from daily life

You’re at the hairdresser’s, and nowhere near your turn. Out of sensationali… er, boredom, you pick up a tabloid, and read. A divorce of some singer, the new love of some tv-celebrity, an incident with some stand-up comedian. You browse and browse… until you realise: no game author to be seen anywhere. Manically you turn the pages. Book authors? Sure, they are accounted for. Athletes? Absolutely. Actors? Check. Television chefs, vloggers, even poets’ smallest scrapes are discussed. But on game authors? Nothing!

Whereas… game authors have problems too! They also have difficult relationship break-ups, unhappy childhoods, unfortunate mishaps. A game author also weeps when their hamster has run away. A game author also sometimes almost gets hit by a car, and so could have nearly died.

Everyone might recognise this: you are walking unsuspectingly in the supermarket, when suddenly you see a game author walking by. You wait, and only when the game author has chosen a checkout line you also join the queue. The other queue. Because indeed, your suspicion is borne out: in the queue with the game author, there is – quite coincidentally – just a cash register roll to be changed. And then the guy behind the cash register just has a break, and another cashier has to be called in. And the customer directly in front of the game author suddenly has lots of questions, and insists on paying in cash but cannot find the right coins….

It could be a coincidence that it all takes so long, but yes… with a game author in line… it could well be down to that game author too. It’s an irrational thought, but it creeps into your head subconsciously anyway. And… not just in your head… it starts happening in all the heads of everyone around the game author. Also, you can see that the game author senses it, from the discomfort with which the game author tries to compose themselves. It’s in that casual scowl towards the game author, from the waiting customers. It is in the sigh of the new girl behind the cash register, in the attentive glance of the branch manager who coincidentally just happens to be stacking some empty boxes quite casually nearby.

You can’t put your finger on it, but you feel it’s not right. It’s yet another fine example of tacit game author discrimination….