Publisher: MNKY Entertainment | Co-auteur: Arjan van Houwelingen | Ages: 3+ | Players: 2-5 | Playing time: 15-20 min.

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It’s a mess on the farm! All the animals on the farm need to be safely back in their own pastures before dark. But the animals have run in all directions. Make sure all the animals end up in the right meadow again. Sometimes the fences are moved, and you have to adjust your route. And beware: All animals must be inside before it gets dark, otherwise everyone loses! Can you be the first to get your animals into their own field?

Game rules

In the cooperative version, you try to get all the animals into the right pasture before it gets dark. It is very important to discuss what to do at what time. Fences sometimes close off meadows and open up other routes, so you constantly have to adjust your plans.

In the competitive version, you all have your own animals, which have to go to your own meadow. If you do it fastest, you have won the game. Again, you have to watch out for the fences; other players can make your route longer, or more difficult. But you can do the same to them…