Publisher: MNKY Entertainment | Co-author: Arjan van Houwelingen | Design: Pablo Pino | Ages: 4+ | Players: 2-5 | Playing time: 20 min.

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IT’S PARTY TIME IN THE JUNGLE! Swing a monkey and see who all came to the jungle. Build a party with the lion, rhino, zebra and many more animals. But wait, not all animals are complete! Collect the right animal pieces by walking around with the monkey. If you play cleverly, the monkey can walk and swing faster, or slower. Which is the best move? Complete the animals and celebrate your own jungle party. Will you be the first to do so? Then you have won this adventurous game!

Game rules

Jungle Party consists of robust animal pieces, each of which is an animal or part of an animal. With the monkey, you walk around on the playing pieces, and where your monkey ends you pick up an animal piece and place it in front of you. Cards allow you to adjust the monkey’s range, so you can end up exactly on the animal pieces you want. Whoever manages to make a full circle with completed animals first, has won the game.