Publishers: JollyDutchGames | Illustrations: James Churchill | Ages: 8-99 | Players: 2-6 | Playing time: 30 min.

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Create rainbows using Kobito’s and earn pots of gold!

Game rules

Three pots of gold are placed in the center of the table. Both the point value of the pot of gold is indicated on the gold card, as well as the required number of rainbow cards to win this pot of gold. Players may play cards from their hand. They may do so in their own workshop, where they can build long rows/rainbows. But creating new rows in your workshop does have a risk: the more rows in your workshop, the more cards you are obliged to play on your next turn.

If you don’t want to create a new row in your workshop, and can’t play cards in the rows you already have, you can also play cards in the rainbows near the pots of gold. This does increase the chance that another player can complete that rainbow. Whoever completes a rainbow may take the pot of gold and place it on their score pile. The gained pot of gold is replaced by a new one. Kobitos and paint cards give you additional options to achieve your goal.

If, at any moment in the game, a player has no possibility to place the hand cards they needs to play, this card or these cards go to their score pile as minus points.