Publisher: Zoch | Ages: 8-99 | Players: 2-6 | Playing time: 20 min.

A caterpillar can be too long. Or too short. If it is longer than twelve segments, it collapses. Shorter than ten segments is not useful either, because then it loses speed.

All players take turns presenting a face down card to one of the caterpillars, saying how many segments are on that card. But … bluffing is allowed. Only when a new card is placed on that caterpillar, the previous card is turned over and everyone knows whether or not the truth was told.

Caterpillars with ten to twelve segments score points, larger caterpillars give minus points. Those who bluff cleverly can prepare a caterpillar for themselves, or trick another player into playing a caterpillar that is too long. When the going gets tough, use your action cards…