Publisher: Jumbo| Ages: 8-99 | Players: 2-6 | Playing time: 20 min.

The Caribbean island of Papagayo appears to be a sanctuary for all kinds of freebooters, adventurers and pirates. But appearances are deceptive, as there is a clear hierarchy, especially among the pirates. The more booty, the higher the status. Only the pirate captain who has boarded the most ships may fly the flag of ‘king among pirates’ on Papagayo.

Each player is a pirate captain with a regular, loyal crew consisting of helmsmen, navigators, cooks, deck mops and cabin boys. But, for the real thing, you need fighters. Men and women who can board a ship. Who can wield a sword or operate a cannon. But all pirate captains prey on the same fighters. So you use your regular crew as recruiters: seduce, get drunk, bribe, everything is allowed in the fierce battle between the pirate captains. If a fighter you have your eye on boards another captain, send your parrot to talk them down. If another captain outwits you, sink their ship with a keg of gunpowder and take over their flag….