Publisher: JollyDutchGames | Illustrations: Ksenia Targulian | Ages: 10+ | Players: 3-5 | Playing time: 30 min.

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Who senses who will place what where?

Each game there is a new mission to take on. Each mission consists of a number of rounds, in which all players try to place number cards and goal cards on the table in such a way that all assignments are fulfilled. Whether your assignments succeed depends on what cards your opponents play. And whether your fellow players are successful depends on what you play.

Help each other, reinforce each other. Try to fathom what your fellow players are going to place on the table and play accordingly. Sacrifice when necessary, and complement where possible. You help determine whether your fellow players’ assignments succeed. In the perfect round, all elements melt together into one big organic whole, a harmonious symphony of colors and numbers, a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Game rules

The game contains 30 missions, increasing in difficulty. Each mission is a complete game, and regardless of whether you pass or fail the mission, you can play each mission again and again. A mission consists of a number of rounds. In each round, you play two number cards and one mission card. The goal is to match all the number cards so that as many players as possible have fulfilled their mission. Depending on the mission, you have action cards at your disposal, or you have to take into account all kinds of restrictions and effects. The missions slowly become more difficult, but… the group also becomes more and more attuned to each other.