Publisher: Jumbo | Ages: 10+ | Players: 2-6 | Playing time: 30 min.

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Test your senses in this smooth card game!

Score points by predicting – at the beginning of each round – the number of tricks you will win. Think carefully, as a wrong prediction can result in penalty points. What makes the game especially challenging, is that you can’t just select any number – you have to select a card from your hand as your prediction. Tricks are won by tactically playing the cards from your hand. By making clever use of the (special) cards, you can win a trick, but you can also lose on purpose to make your prediction come true. The player who plays the game the smartest wins the game!

Game rules

6th Sense is a so-called trick taking game, like Belote or Hearts. Players play 1 card each round, and whoever plays the highest card receives the cards played (the trick). You play with a trump color (always higher than any other color), and with a ‘requested color’ (lower than the trump color, but higher than the other colors). As players are obliged to follow the ‘requested color’ (the color the starting player starts with), there are many tactical possibilities to cheat or trick other players.

In 6th Sense, you use 1 of your hand cards to secretly predict how many tricks you will win. During the game, you try to estimate how many tricks the other players want to win, and adjust your tactics accordingly. The game contains a number of special cards that influence the game; cards that reverse the order, cards that block other cards, cards that can split a trick into two tricks, etc…

The winner of a round is not the player who gets the most tricks, but the player who comes closest to their own prediction…