Publisher: The Game Brewer / Amuza | Illustrations: Jules Dubost | Ages: 8-99 | Players: 2-5 | Playing time: 15-20 min.

Links: Game explanation video (long) | BoardGameGeek.com

Who is the biggest slob? Who catches the most bugs by luring them with mouldy sandwiches, rotting meat, or the neighbour’s cat?

Each player is a dirty pig, with moss between their toes and fungi in their armpits. Grubby, lazy and… crazy about bugs! Maggots, cockroaches and fleas: the more, the better. In order to lure the vermin you need rotting meat, leftovers and stray pets.

Each player has a limited number of lure cards. But different animals like different bait, so make sure to use the right lure card. Being the only one to lure a specific kind of bug, may let you catch them all. But if there’s competition for that type, you’ll have to share. And if your stakes are too high, you could end up with nothing…
Try to outsmart your fellow players by guessing which bugs they will try to lure. Or use your bugging cards to influence the game…

Game rules

Bugz is played in rounds. Each round, you play a lure card, with which you go for one of the two types of vermin in the middle of the table. If there are many players going for the same insects, you will have to share. If you are the only one to lure a particular insect, you are the lucky one. However, before you start distributing the bugs, everyone plays an action card, with which you can influence the distribution considerably.

Try to outsmart your fellow players by guessing which insects they will try to lure. Then try to estimate which action card everyone will play, and play smartly accordingly. But then again, so do the other players…