CODE 13 (FROM 2024)

Publisher: MNKY Entertainment | Co-author: Arjan van Houwelingen | Ages:  8 -99 | Players: 2-6 | Playing time: 30-45 min.

For years, master spy Bjorn Errata has led a reclusive existence in a huge mansion on his own island in the Atlantic Ocean. Given the vast amount of incriminating information he possesses about various international security services, he has always felt safe from possible raids and arrests.

But now, on his deathbed, it is time to come clean. Key spies from all the secret intelligence agencies involved are invited to report to the island to get boxes of sensitive information handed over. However, upon arrival at the mansion, an unpleasant surprise awaits the spies: where each spy thought they were the only ones invited, it turns out that several others are present that have the same goal in mind!

The precarious information is not just handed over either, but turns out to be in a well-secured safe. There is a code to open the safe, but each spy only gets part of the code; the missing part differs per spy, and is known to the others. So like all spies you will have to share information, in exchange for getting information about your own code. So investigate! However, be careful not to give away too much. Because if another spy discovers their code part first, they will run away with all your secrets…