Uitgever: MNKY Entertainment | Vormgeving: Michael Emmerson | Leeftijd: 6° | Spelers: 2-5 | Speelduur: 20 min.

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You work in a laboratory and grow all kinds of new monster species. These monsters arise from peas and are called Creepeas. But Creepeas cannot come to life if arms or legs are missing, so make sure you build as many complete monsters as possible. The one who has obtained the most peas after the last card has been played has won the game!

Game rules

In Creepeas, you collect parts of monsters. Each round there is a row for everyone to pick from, but some cards are face down. These can be very nice cards that can give a lot of points, but they can also be mismonsters.

On your turn, you take two cards. If you take face up cards, you know exactly what you will get. Or you can gamble and take face down cards. Or you take the microscope; then you get to choose first in the next round.

Build monsters in all sorts of colors. Monsters with multiple heads, with fins, lumpy feet, slender fingers or twelve eyes. At any point in the game, you may try to rearrange your cards differently, in order to grab more points.